Undermount Sink Cut Out

Undermount Sink Cutout 1

An undermount sink cut out is where the sink has been mounted from underneath the cabinet such that the rim is not visible, it is referred to as an “undermount” sink.

Generally these types of cutouts are accompanied with drainer flutes since the sink itself has no attached drainage facilities. The tap hole cut out must also be made into the worktop itself.

Undermount sink cut outs must be preformed at our depot prior to delivery of the granite. The cut out is processed on a machine called a CNC machine which cuts a precise hole for you specific sink. For this reason, we would need to carry out a site survey in the majority of these installations to determine exact sink location and type.

Whilst more expensive than the inset sink option, this method is far more common for granite worktops and results in a truly lavish finish.

Undermount Sink Cutout 2 Undermount Sink Cut Out 4